Santo Daime & Ayahuasca
- where ancient wisdom meets modern society.
Let's together build conscious and sustainable global community!

Ancient Healers Path. Santo Daime & Ayahuasca Kickstarter

    Ancient Healers Path.

    Santo Daime & Ayahuasca - where ancient wisdom meets modern society.

    It is amazing lifestyle to be a globetrotter or traveler, going off the beaten track, visiting exotic lands, meeting its inhabitants and learning new language and culture. It is great to climb the next mountain, cross the other sea, discover new continent. Then comes time to evolve, transform and take it to the next level.

    First trip to Brazil, documented on a travel blog: has evolved from the exciting kitesurfing adventure into the quest for deeper understanding of spirituality, healing and the role of Ayahuasca in traditional and modern communities. The challenge and task now is to find out how this millenary tradition in form of Santo Daime could positively influence Western society.

    About Ancient Healers, Ayahuasca & Santo Daime

    There is still a big gap between Western society and traditional communities around the World. The same time there is huge lack of information on how the modern people's ancestors  were living just few generations before, how society was organized, what were beliefs, practices, what ceremonies took place and which sacred plants were used.
    Everyday we see in a mainstream more and more of New Age, Neo paganism, Neo shamanism and spiritual healers. It is going in paralel with slow but progressing legalisation of healing plants, although there is still big missunderstanding on how to use them, where and what for. The price is big -  our heath, wellbeing and consciousness are at  stake.

    How to connect the dots and find reliable source of information?

    Ancient Healers is a photo blog and reportage documenting quest for ancient wisdom and a mission of bringing this knowledge to the Western world. It brings also new light to forgotten ceremonies by studying  today existing tribes, that preserve the same traditions for many generations. It is search for way to live in harmony and closer to Nature, the same time using all benefits that technology brings.

    "Ayahuasca is a psychoactive brew made from the Bannisteriosis caapi vine and the Psychotria viridis leaf, has been used for many purposes by the native inhabitants of the Western Amazon since time immemorial. Conceived of as a means of opening the human perception of the spiritual world, this brew has been mainly used by shamans for a series of purposes such as: the diagnosis and treatment of a large variety of ailments, divination, hunting, warfare, and even as an aphrodisiac."

    "Santo Daime is a syncretic religion founded in the 1930s in the Brazilian Amazonian state of Acre by Raimundo Irineu Serra, known as Mestre Irineu. Santo Daime incorporates elements of several religious or spiritual traditions including Folk Catholicism, Kardecist Spiritism, African animism and indigenous South American shamanism, including vegetalismo. Ceremonies —  "works" — are typically several hours long and are undertaken sitting in silent "concentration", or sung collectively, dancing according to simple steps in geometrical formation. Santo Daime's entheogenic sacrament, ayahuasca, has been used for millennia in South American indigenous cultures. It is one of the traditional tools of the shaman in South America, and in many regions is to this day a common medicine used for finding and treating various ailments as well as for its vision-inducing effects, which are said to be profound and life-changing."  (Wikipedia)

    The Santo Daime Church is now spreading all over the world, branches have been established in Japan, the USA, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, and France.

    Since 2013 in Brazil and in Europe I was participating frequently in Santo Daime works and Ayahuasca ceremonies. Having already experience with different medicinal plants, I will go now to the roots, deep into the forest to discover the source of this millenary tradition and how it reflects everyday life of the community, its role and importance.

    I know that going to Brazil I will not discover all the secrets of the medicinal plants but I am sure it will be one step forward and the beginning of beautiful journey to exchange knowledge and unite Earth tribes.

    After this half year You will learn:

  • main elements of traditional ceremonies, use of healing plants and ways to apply it in the occidental culture

  • most urgent needs of indigenous communities, like water supply, solar energy, protection of environment and Amazon forest and practical, cost effective solutions

  • sustainable practices for intentional communities.

    How will I present to You the richness of this exotic culture, local traditions and beauty of wild nature?

    • Short movies 15-30' about each community visited (7-10 communities) focusing on significance and role of ancient ceremonies and traditions . In the end I will put material into a 45' documental movie from the trip.

    • Photo album from the trip with description, comments and authentic stories.

    • Travel-blog "in a real time" I will be sharing with You the hottest news, photos and videos "straight from the road":

    • Online platform for projects to save Amazon and its heritage, preserve traditions, develop sustainable communities and through active participation unleash human potential to building together conscious global society.

        After traveling 6 months through Brazil, visiting communities, learning ancient wisdom and looking for the needs of local people I will propose Online Platform for communication, exchange of knowledge and cooperation in projects in 5 areas:

        • Health (medicine plants, diets, others)
        • Ecology (permaculture, bio-construction, sustainability, others)
        • Education/ Culture
        • Technology  (solar, water purification, drones, others)
        • Fundraising (concerts, auctions, others)

        TRAVEL PLAN 2016/2017
        1. Ceará State-> 2. Sao Paulo-> 3-5. Acre -> 6. Amazonas-> 7. Rio de Janeiro->  8. Minhas Gerais-> 9. Bahia -> 10. Rio Grande do Norte

        The plan is to visit seven to ten communities across Brazil, focusing on those in the Amazon rainforest. First destination is Ceará State in the end of September, followed by Sao Paulo in October where is hold the "Feitio" (a ceremony of making Santo Daime brew). In Amazonas and Acre I will spend more time as there is the source - Amazon's library connected to the wisdom of people who protect the biggest primary forest in the World. In the capital of Acre, Río Branco, from 17th-21th of October will be hold The Second World Ayahuasca Conference 2016.

        I have already participate in The First World Ayahuasca Conference in Ibiza in 2014, attended by over 600 people from 50 countries. It is a multidisciplinary event , that brings together leading scientists, legal experts, practitioners, environmentalists and other experts involved in the ayahuasca field, facilitating the interchange of experience and knowledge. Also  in Acre I will stay in the Santo Daime  - The Rainforest's Doctrine - Community - Céu do Mapiá and Juruá - Santo Daime's new frontier in the Brazilian forest. I will be visiting indigenous communities of Huni Kuin tribe, which great leader Sia Kaxinawa I had a honor to meet and became friends with his son Leopardo. On my list is also tribe Yawanawá, famous from its annual festival and Kuntanawa tribe which charismatic leader Haru I have met in country's capital Brasilia in 2014.

        Next destinations on the list are states Minhas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. If there will be enough resources and time, then I will follow from Bahia through North-Eastern states up, back to Ceará.

        My initiative:

        Visiting my home country in 2015 after last trip to Brazil I have realized huge lack of information and misunderstanding about Ayahuasca. It inspired me to create a website about Santo Daime Doctrine:
        It is first in Polish language objective source of information, point of contact and photo-relation from visits to different Santo Daime churches across Europe. Only in 2016 I was traveling 5 times to Holland, 2 times to Italy and Spain, Check Republic and Austria to participate in ceremonies and make connection.

        Photography is my passion. You can see my mostly spontaneously taken photographs from previous travels. Now I am looking for a good photo camera with high quality filming option so you can see even more realistic images from this trip and more videos.

        To cover part of the expenses, I am working all the season 2016 with tourists in Ibiza. For accommodation in Brazil I will mostly use Couch-surfing and hospitality of local people, friends or exchange my work for place in a humbly hammock or couch. I  am vegan, so in my everyday diet are only local, seasonal fruits and veggies plus nuts (and no gluten nor bread) :D.

        How to support

        Now to make this Dream a Reality I need your help. The highest cost to complete this mission are the flights to Brazil and throughout the country, tickets to conference and Yawanawá Festival and main tool of photo-reporter - good camera.

        Expenses *
        Flight to Brazil (return)
        1200 €
        Flight Ceará - Sao Paulo
        140 €
        Sao Paulo - Rio Branco
        240 €
        Flights Rio Branco - Rio de Janeiro -  Minhas Gerais - Bahia - Ceara
        ~ 800 €
        World Ayahuasca Conference
        350 €
        Photo camera with hight quality filming option
        650 €
        Becuse of high cost of Yawanawá Festival
        (1250 €) I will discuss with organizers an option for barter or am eventually considering a shorter visit if Kickstarter Campaig is very succesfull
        Traveling in between communities + other expenses
        ~ 600 € 
         = 3980 €
        * I propose a full transparency on spending (bills presented) and very interesting, exotic and practical sometimes rewards for donors.


        Many projects born with funds received through Kickstarter, a platform where anyone can donate money to a project that seems interesting. In gratitude for support donors usually receive rewards.

        - 15€ I send to You Thank You post card from Brazil

        - 30 € T-shirt with indigenous design

        - 50 € Indigenous made bracelet or necklace

        - 100 € Original hammock or bag

        - 150€ Book of Healing with signature of indigenous leader. Una Isi Kayawa -  this is a pioneering project that brings together deep knowledge of plants and medicinal practices of the indigenous people Huni Kuin who live in Acre State in Brazil. The work brings together texts and pictures of more than 100 medicinal plants used by indigenous people.

        - 250 € Hammock + indigenous made bracelet or collar + T-shirt + post card from Brazil

        - 500 € All above + I will design and organize your own travel to Brazil, according to your needs, would it be "barefoot luxury" near the exotic beach in a cozy bungalow, kitesurfing adventure, Carnival in Rio, Salvador, Recife-Olinda, visit sustainable community, indigenous tribe, participate in ceremony or any in combination.
        I will design this trip and personalize for You, taking care of all the details and spicing it up with exotics, finally presenting to you ready TRAVEL PLAN : "Your journey to Brazil".

        - 1000€ All above + I will be your personal guide in Brazil for 7 days! Are you ready to experience the Ancient Healers Path yourself?

        Just the beginning of beautiful journey

        Donations and sharing with friends are both important to me. Thank you for your initiative and support. This is just the beginning of beautiful journey, that I hope we will walk together building more conscious global society. I believe it will inspire many people to look into its own nation's history and traditions.

        Let's together build conscious and sustainable global community, remembering who we are and preparing ground for the future generations that will come after us.

        With Kind Regards,

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