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First trip to Brazil documented on a travel blog:

How exciting adventure evolved into quest for deeper understanding of spirituality and healing

The Second World Ayahuasca Conference 2016

With great leader Sia Kaxinawa - Huni Kuin tribe,during The First World Ayahuasca Conference 2016

The role of Ayahuasca in traditional and modern communities.

How could Santo Daime positively influence Western society

Through active participation unlish human potential and together building conscious and sustainable global society

Plan for 6 months in Brazil 2016-2017

Ceara State-> Sao Paulo-> Acre-> Amazonas-> Rio de Janeiro-> Minhas Gerais-> Bahia

środa, 29 sierpnia 2018

Katukina Village in State Acre

Photo reportage from Katukina Village in State Acre in Brazil (near Peru border)  Indigenous living in government houses, still many don't speak any Portuguese. They are struggling to bring their tradition back to life: songs, dances, art making.

czwartek, 8 lutego 2018

Ayahuasca ceremony in North East of Brazil

After the Ayahuasca ceremony in North East of Brazil, near famoust Canoa Quebrada beach

Ceremony leader xama from Amazon tribe - Txana Kixtin Dua Bake Huni Kuin (João Sereno Kaxinawa)

Fogo Sagrado in Ceara - Sacred Fire and Huin Kuin Jewelry 

 Eco Aldeia Flecha da Mata.